23. Marrakesh Treasure


Based on techniques from the timeless Arabian Hammam bathing ritual this spa starts with olive oil hair mask and relaxing scalp massage. This is followed by a scrub using organic Moroccan black soap with eucalyptus and rich olive extract to cleanse the skin. This scrub is applied to the body with a Kesa-mitt to help deepen exfoliation and refresh skin texture for a visibly cleaner look. After a shower the spa program ends with a relaxing aroma massage with the essential oil of your choice and rejuvenating pressure-point facial massage.

  • Foot Cleansing
  • Olive Oil Hair Mask & Scalp Massage
  • Moroccan Eucalyptus Black Soap Body Exfoliation with Kesa-Mitt
  • Relaxing Aromatic Warm Oil Massage
  • Pressure-Point Facial Massage

Refreshment & Relaxation


Time : 60 mins.


Time : 150 mins.


Time : 210 mins.