Lavender Lush ( Buy 1 Get 1 Free )


Emerge calm and restored with this aromatic lavender spa program including natural facial treatment. The lavender body scrub has anti-inflammatory cleansing properties to soothe skin as the gently intoxicating lavender scent calms mood & mind. Restfulness is further enhanced with a warm essential-oil massage with the aroma of your choice. The gentle seaweed facial treatment extends the relaxation while moisturizing & detoxing; undoing the detrimental effects of pollution and extended mask-wearing.

  • Foot Cleansing
  • Stellar Indian Head Massage
  • Lavender Lush Body Scrub
  • Warm Oil Aromatherapy Body-Massage
  • Moisturizing Natural Seaweed Facial Treatment

Refreshments & Relaxation


Time : 120 mins.