21. Siam Paradise


Siam Paradise spa program is inspired by treasures of ancient Thai wisdom. It begins with foot cleansing followed by a jasmine-rice body polisher to make skin clean and smooth like silk. Next Thai massage techniques are applied with traditional Siamese salt pots containing assorted local herbs. When placing these along the spine, heat from the pot improves blood circulation and relieves muscle aches in these regions. Afterwards is a scalp massage then a pressure-point face massage with a jade stone roller applied on the face to gently press and stimulate circulation. Restful mineral bath with flower petals ends spa sequence.

  • Foot Cleansing
  • Jasmine Rice Body Scrub
  • Thai Yoga Booster Massage
  • Siamese Salt Pot
  • Relaxing Scalp Massage
  • Rejuvenation Jade Roller & Pressure – Point Facial Massage
  • Floral Mineral Bath

Refreshment & Relaxation


Time : 165 mins.


Time : 60 mins.